Monday, May 6, 2013


Do you have a book that is sized no more than 3" x 3"?  The definition of "book" is loose -- it could be a chap, a handmade object, I make some simply by stapling together some folded pieces of paper.  If you do have such an object and can spare a copy, you are invited to send it to me for the SitWithMoi Project's "Books on Chairs"!

The public's official invitation can be viewed HERE.  Participating books are guaranteed reviews/engagements by Moi!

You can go to the SitWithMoi Blog for more information.  You can also see samples of other "Books on Chairs" at THIS LINK and THIS LINK.  I made some of these books, too, and the links can direct you to posts that show my simple ways of making a mini-book, in case that's helpful to you!

If you  have questions, please feel free to email Moi at

I hope to see you there, to have you visit and sit with Moi and chat for a while! 

Eileen Tabios,
Curator, "SitWithMoi"
Editor, Galatea Resurrects

A Mini-Book on a Mini-Chair!

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