Thursday, May 9, 2013



the precipice of jupiter by erica lewis & mark stephen finein
(P-QUEUE, Buffalo, N.H., 2009)


{descending columns separated by dashes, a quaternary}
disorder, time, disarrangements, wall, bound, verticals, horizon, [Lot’s wife] tin, night, angles, surface, grid, plane, square, force, limestone, clay, soot, bone, wall, ribs, stones, eye, night, mortar, (one day I went to the wall) brick, (my mother whispering) breathing, cracks, mimetic, stone, fields, mooring, cause and effect, insulation, surface, barrier, cities, fluorescent, pockets, hands, float, meat, bloody, paper bags, enclosures, cold, the building boom, materials, concrete, mud, wire, construction, cracks, fingers, helix, rigidus, vertical, boundaries, process, angle, buckling,
{the images begin and the columns end, open field style digging in the dirt}
clockwork, sickle shaped, device, blown out, porcelain, tannic, mineral, petroleum, holes, blueprints, porcelain cracks, animal, exoskeleton, swells, sand, insulated, island, stream, eroded, elements, miles, machines, accident,
{the images superimposed onto text, mostly unreadable}
globe, light, surface, slice, enclosure, tools, evidence, stars, earth, gravity, mortar, tangential, bone, rock, soil, nouns, attrition, maps, geology, ice, horizons, carbon, binaries, structure, foundations, structure, ice, root, mineral deposits, illuvium, soil, lava, surface, saline, earth’s crust, dirt, noise, sunsets, wall, darkness, time, blood, body, integers, dust,


map, blowback, direction, matches, viscosity, molten, liquid, rings, rays, salt, coal, flowers, copper, earth, brick, chart, pressure, tissues, volcanic, feathers, hair, permabuilt, sun, buckle, built (the story in her ear), north, magnetic seas, clay sand and silt, sediment, fractures, cave formation, orogeny, plate tectonics,
{Poems written over through, images}
glass making, feldspar, smelting, dolomite, sterile, spherical, ridges, core, oolitic, meteoric, tunnel, salt, animal, crystalline limestone, [Sodom & Gomorrah], glass, planets, buildings, orbited, jupiter, disk, traffic sings, star, dust storms, ecliptic, mappable, water, latitudes, compass, universe, white light, spiral, dark matter, momentum, space, angle of yaw, salt, rotation, body, zero, reduce, aircraft, pilot, shadows, syzygy, umbra, occulting, centrifugal, unlayering, organs, drums, the eastern sea, plains, longitude, intersection, solar, limb, ruddy, distance, ground, geography, continents, hunter, lion, scorpion, ascension, declination, light years, trajectory, vulcanism, sky, looping, ovals, storms, heat, cocooned, stone, glass boxes, shock wave, redshift, surfaces, plateau (something like repressed laughter) nebula, supernova, pulsar, tree tops, purple light, phase, faults, spinning, aperture, time, air, refracted, sum, iron needle, bowl, spoon,, pointing, structure, sunspot, fission del sol, topography, climate, weather, shocks, diffuse, arcs, currents, slants, circuit, (dearest I am writing this to you from above) spheres, circles orbits, durations, wind colliding, tracking, hurricanes, discontinuities, terra mater, subduction, edge,


{A section of letters starting “dearest”}
measure, weight, globe (I and you are variables) attack formation, electrodynamics, M C squared, absolute, time, light, speed, distance, machine, direction, up, down, divisions, reverse, effect, matches, directional,

{Fragments surround by space}








Carrie Hunter received her MFA/MA in the Poetics program at New College of California, and edits the chapbook press, ypolita press. She has published chapbooks with Cy Gist Press, Dusie, Arrow as Aarow, and Lew Gallery Editions. Her full-length collection, The Incompossible, was published in 2011 by Black Radish Books. Other work has recently appeared in NAP, Metazen, Delerious Hem, and Amerarcana. She lives in San Francisco and is currently working on an MA in TESOL. 

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